Detecting Financial Fraud and Trap of Using EBITDA

Detecting Financial Fraud and Trap of Using EBITDA

(May 4, 2002) A shareholder asks Warren #Buffett and Charlie #Munger on their experience in detecting financial fraud. Mr. #Buffett says that he is skeptical with anyone who has an idea that is too good to be truth. In addition, Mr. Buffett was amazes how widespread the use of EBITDA, and he believes that EBITDA is one way to dress up financial statements.

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18 thoughts on “Detecting Financial Fraud and Trap of Using EBITDA

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  2. People are dumb if they are going make a decision based how much a company makes before they have to pay there bills. It’s like someone bragging that they are rich because they make 200,000 a year but by the end of the year they have only saved 5,000 dollars because the other 195,000 went to taxes, mortgage, car payments, boat payments, food, cloths, heating, cooling, water, and of course the useless stuff that you just got to have versus the guy who makes 50,000 a year but only spent 15,000 to live and has 35,000 left at the end of the year, that guy is richer than the 200,000 a year guy.

  3. they are also subjected to fraud in their companies. the question is, does it influence in a big way. they are quite good at avoiding devastating fraud.


  5. This is by far the most organized channel I came across on Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.

  6. Mr. Buffet is a phenominal individual. I personally have done well by using many of his ideas. I do laugh at so many people feel that there is something magical about investing. It is really not that mysterious. Careful, discipline and patience will win…….most people especially today want it all now. Bitcoin….lol.

  7. Detecting Financial Fraud and Trap of Using EBITDA
    Please comment the following:
    EBITDA is not perfect, but it is a good proxy of capital expenditure.

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