Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force – Michael Bresnick

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The FBI have solved the case and arrested the members who stole over 0 million dollars from MasterCard.

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Habib Chaudhry and his accomplices stole hundreds of millions of dollars, falsified thousands of documents, led 20 federal agencies on a wild goose chase, and got away with it for far too long.

A number of innocent companies found themselves in serious financial hurt, all due to the shady actions of this crew of fraudsters. Banks and the FBI teamed up, creating the biggest ever anti-fraud coalition – and still, finding their main man wasn’t easy.

How’d it all play out? What happened to the money? And how can we avoid something like this happening to us? Stay tuned to find out.

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Video Rating: / 5

20 thoughts on “Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force – Michael Bresnick

  1. I'm sure there's more of this crew out there still committing these fraudulent activities🤔

  2. And they say some or many wanna go cashles and then this has been going on for years. so not to have to use card every where cause safety and all, i prefer cash anytime possible.

  3. They make enough money it is the financial institution problems not the American people problem.

  4. Wow, the FBI spends a lot to find people. Why do they watch some people for awhile instead of raiding them immediately upon proof a crime?

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