Fraud victims mocked in undercover footage | Investigation

Call handlers working for the police insult victims of fraud and have been trained to mislead them into thinking their cases will be investigated when most are never looked at again.
An undercover Times reporter was among staff who were banned from telling victims that the overwhelming majority of their cases are dismissed, either by low-wage employees at an outsourced call centre or a computer algorithm.

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Watch our video to find out how criminals are using Sim fraud to hack your bank accounts, including an interview with one victim who nearly lost around £9,000.

Reports to Action Fraud of a scam known as ‘Sim-swap fraud’, where a criminal tricks your mobile network into transferring your phone number to a Sim card in their possession, have rocketed by 400% since 2015. For more advice on how to protect yourself, visit

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20 thoughts on “Fraud victims mocked in undercover footage | Investigation

  1. As a disabled woman I'm sick and tired. I cant trust no one I cant call and trust that person is going to help me. So I have to do things myself 😡🤬

  2. They are absolutely pathetic, when i reported to Actionfraud they kept cutting me off, i managed to get in reported online but 7 wasted months later i got the usual fob off email, it cost me millions in losses and it only took a Access information letter to get the evidence and no one in the Police anywhere will take action against the fraudsters, but thats the Corrupt Statutory System for you, check out FB page; Unofficial Weatherbys Fraud, theft, corruption and lies

  3. Barclay's bank is apparently the bank of choice for most fraudsters as they have a policy whereby they won't investigate unless the bank itself suffers a loss. This has been confirmed by victims who contacted the bank to warn of accounts being used fraudulently only for the same accounts to remain open months later and further people being scammed.

  4. Few months ago, I was really close to committing suicide after losing about $50,000 to a forex scam by someone who pretended be a mentor and professional trader.  was devastated and sorted for help from various places, I even reported to the police and was told I will be contacted later on( I was never contacted till date). I got helped from a security company, they helped me recovered all I lost.  feel free to write me if you have been a victim of scam and I will also recommend them for you as well.

  5. The police don't really go in for policing these days.
    They do look lovely in rainbow colours though.
    Mind how you go and remember – be careful what you say…

  6. We were reporting various behaviours in North Devon a while ago involving the NHS and a social landlord with "friends" in the council, now we know why nothing was done, but one person did get an MBE.

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  8. Great reminder. Learning to spot some early warning signs to help prevent this crime from happening is an ultimate goal as online scams still on the rise. I appreciate the fact you drill down to the small details how scams are being made and I think it's important. bringing up the scam details, helps to understand in what situation we are at. I was a victim of a romance scam. Please help get the word out! it doesn't matter if you are based in the US or Canada, but all voice help! This has become an epidemic…and the embarrassment and shame keeps the victims from coming forward…Please come forward!!!! Thank you all for your support. If you can help by reporting on online you have to through FTC or

    certified government officials that offers a list of investigation and restitution services for free that can assist you. if you have been a victim to online scams the agency can assist you. It was helpful in my case, reporting the scam helps them take one step towards arresting the scammers. These scammers will never be stopped if all the victims, us, keep silent. Help the Feds build their database of Crimes to help stop this. You’re not alone, there’s millions of us.

  9. This has happened to me today – THREE have been next to useless – the number is still live on another network and they don't seem able to block it.

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