The Lives of Fraud Victims | Fraud Squad TV | Real Crime

The Lives of Fraud Victims | Fraud Squad TV | Real Crime

Witness these first-hand accounts of the people who were directly hit by fraudsters, and learn how their lives were changed forever from one tiny lapse of judgment.
Fraud Squad is an investigative, informative and totally addictive tv series aimed at bringing awareness to the public about the global problem of fraud. This hosted series interviews real people who have been the victims of fraud as well as experts in the field who offer inside tips on how to avoid becoming a victim. Dramatic recreations help reconstruct the cases, bringing scams of all kinds to life for the viewer.
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5 thoughts on “The Lives of Fraud Victims | Fraud Squad TV | Real Crime

  1. The biggest fraud victims are the german people and all of europe and the united states by the " bolsheviks " in the form of reparations and manipulation of the mind through all media. The biggest lie of the 20th century and continues on like a cancer to this day.

  2. My uncle George would get them off the phone. He would ask them did they now who won the world series of 1936. They promptly hung up!

  3. There just really some evil people out there who just are scum . She sorry this happened to you . Hope it all gets straightened out .

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