UBS rogue trader: 'It could happen again' BBC News

The London trader who lost the Swiss bank UBS £1.4bn (.9bn) has apologised and said that banking has not done enough to regain the public’s trust.In his first broadcast interview, Kweku Adoboli told the BBC that banking was still riven by conflicts of interest. He added that traders were pushed to make profits “no matter what”.

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20 thoughts on “UBS rogue trader: 'It could happen again' BBC News

  1. what do you mean by ROGUE. TRADER!!? when he was making profit for the bank was the time you. should have use the ROGUE TRADER. . FOOLS

  2. This guy is dumb. Was at a conference he was at and no idea why HR hired the clown. Probably ticking of their black minority quota.

  3. at 2.47 question '' how did the son of a senior figure in the United Nations end up being photographed in handcuffs''? because United Nations IS THE HEART OF ALL THE BIGGEST LIES, dishonesty and corruption.

  4. Well UK was built from African sources. Did the other guys receive the same level of punishment or less. I don't think so for the fact they were white.

  5. You are your own enemy. Noone else did this to you but you and your incredible greed. Dont start whining about deportation when you lose 1.4 billion pounds.

  6. How many caucasian bankers have been punished like you, yet have carried out the same crimes?

    Swirling doesn't pay. No matter what Othello you're not one of them regardless of profession, class etc and quite frankly when the right time comes you'll be hung out like the sacrificial lamb you are.

    Is it true that your caucasian girlfriend told you to admit to the apparent crime because you wouldn't be able to live with yourself if you didn't?

  7. If this man is to be deported after paying for his crime, shouldn't the banksters who brought about the crash be exiled to the Australian outback or something? Clear case of discrimination…Jah know!

  8. The UK racist for deporting this man? Would not have been that way if he had not chosen to become a criminal.

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