Why climate change is about money | Kashmala Kakakhel | TEDxIslamabadWomen

Why climate change is about money | Kashmala Kakakhel | TEDxIslamabadWomen

In this talk Kashmala Kakakhel gives us a new interpretation of climate finance and how its affecting climate change and the global economy. Kashmala Kakakhel has over 12 years of experience, working with developing country governments, primarily Bangladesh, Malawi, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan. Her interest has been in the solution space of climate change, focusing on finance, working on creative, workable solutions to address the global challenge.

She also works closely with developing country governments to articulate their positions at international negotiations – negotiations that ultimately led to the global Paris Agreement on climate change.

She was part of the team that developed PTI’s 100 Days Agenda, and is now working with the Government to track and deliver its agenda. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Investigating how multi-billionaire George Soros has become a bogeyman around the world – criticised not just by bloggers, but now by presidents and prime ministers. But are the allegations of secret Soros plots to overthrow governments and flood countries with migrants simply the product of rising anti-Semitism?

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  1. The term "climate change" is in and of itself ambiguous and that is precisely why it is used. Of course the climate changes and it will continue to change as it has from day one. So, yes, it is ALL about the money. Make no mistake about it.

  2. Im neither republican nor democratic as i have views from both of the major parties in the united states but these very far right comments are driving me insane. They think that everything that isnt effecting them in their everyday life is a hoax that the government uses to control us. And its not just about climate change but its also about corona virus and modern medicine too. They refuse to give up their AK-47s that are designed to be killing machines because it harms their "individual Freedoms". They say that their is no proof of any of these problems even though science proves all of them right but they dont believe in science. You cant say that that climate change is a hoax when the Netherlands are well below sea level. These far right people are known to be stereotypical Americans at an international stage that are made fun of.

  3. The modern warming cycle started ~ in 1750 and until now, global warming / climate change is roughly 95-97% natural and the rest human caused. So, no – its not a hoax – the “its all the humans fault propaganda” is an organized scam / deception for a political power grab – the green tyranny – and of course – as always – for the CASH !

  4. Everyone is a scientist on YouTube? Have an opinion, but don't delude yourself. Question everything, but be careful of arguing one side over the other just to argue.

  5. China has had floods for a millennial, so your point should be asking Pakistan government to stop blaming climate change for convenience and actually work on flood control, which has nothing to do with climate change

  6. Global warming def hoax over last 4 years are summers keep getting more cold and more rain not getting hotter at all here

  7. Is there a link where I can see the report she is talking about? I'm doing a school project and it would help me a lot!

  8. To all the people who don't believe in climate change, i'm sorry but you're wrong. Climate change is not a point of view, its a fact and the sooner everyone accepts that, the sooner we can fix it and save our self and the future. Also, don't insult what this woman is saying because you don't agree with it, she is completely correct and is trying to educate others on the subject which is so important.

  9. Very interesting video, I like the specific examples , it makes the subject easier to understand

  10. climate change is real, but its intentionally overblown and used as a scam, no one knows where all that money is going to but it certainly aint being spent on actually fixing the climate problem.

  11. Yes climate control is about money big oil companies don't want to give up their billions they know they're destroying the Earth they don't care they just want to get richer look how covid-19 has proved the Earth can be better if I was human stop using oil they throw the scare that if we stop using it the Earth will fall apart yes it will because they made us dependent on it once we wean ourselves but these greedy people that are killing us the Earth can be pristine again three months the Earth is already looking better because we're not destroying it by driving our cars going to other places on the planet and destroying things humans are the disease covid-19 is the way to solve it if we don't do nothing about it we won't change

  12. Don't worry, people will catch on to its illegitimacy when we're not under water in 12 years.

  13. Global Warming eh? Well I’ve been going to the Santa Monica pier for 20 years and can’t notice the rising waters.

  14. Yes, finally, the truth that I can grip on. Politics, it’s about money flow, and yet everyone is like no way!

  15. Even in the Philippines his tentacles are are play.
    He can topple government like nothing.
    Follow what the mainstream media is going against .

  16. I can’t believe this woman actually saying “ we fund for policy changes / immigration problems “. Who the HELL do you think you are to interfere with OUR votes .

  17. What conspiracy ? He said he used his money to bring the British bank to its knees. And look who is introducing this wicked man

  18. A man who survives the trauma of the holocaust and can easily identify dictatorship and political wrong doing that leads to things like the holocaust decides to fund against such political activities…

  19. When they claim they are philanthropists and gave money to charity! DONT BELIEVE THEM!

    Bill Gates and Esptein were also philanthropists and charity donors etc!

    Study the history of the world in the past 500 years!

  20. From his own mouth. I brook the bank of london. American is next. Evil is the only word to describe him.

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